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India’s premium tea industry has traditionally been a closed ecosystem with a select number of ex porters or distributors. Also, out there in the world, fresh premium Indian tea is still a scarce product, and even if it is available, the number of varieties and types that exist are still not reaching the tea lovers to be relished and experienced with joy. Pahadi Tea is successfully making a sincere attempt to reach these tea lovers across the world by creating a brand of Indian Tea that will offer them all the varieties and soothe their taste buds with ease and without customers in any part of the world having to rely on traditional sources.


18 June 2016


Taj Group LLC


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Taj Group LLC

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We successfully entered in the web market few years back to conquer the local and global marketplace with its extra-ordinary strong presence on the World Wide Web. We have the team of most creative web developers to create web applications for your company using the latest web standards.



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